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Cycling in Normandy

Cherbourg Cathedral
Cherbourg Cathedral


<-- 3rd day of the Normandy tour

Day 4: St. Vaast - Cherbourg

Distance: 60 km
Time: 6 h

As we did quite well over the last days we only had about 60 km left to return to Cherbourg where our ferry left at 6.30 pm. Therefore this last day was an easy going one. St. Vaast has an impressive medieval fortress on a small peninsula fare out at the sea and also you can't enter it as it is still used by the military it is worth to visit.

From there we followed the coast to Reville where we kept a bit inland on some smaller roads to avoid the traffic on the D1 to get to the picturesque harbor Barfleur. After a visit of Pointe de Barfleur with one of the highest light houses in France we stayed on the D116 along the coast and had a very enjoyable ride to Fermanville where we had our last lunch. From there it was only a short trip back to Cherbourg and on the way we crawled through some WWII tunnels.

By the time we arrived in Cherbourg we still had several ours time so that we could walk around the city, visit the cathedral and have some good Creps in one of the many street cafes.


On the way back to Portsmouth I managed to get some sleep that was very welcome as we still had a 40 km ride to Southampton in front of us. As the ferry arrived around 11 pm the traffic on the major roads wasn't too bad anymore so that we decided to use the big A27 to go back. Uneventful 3 hours we returned home, tired but very satisfied about the last days. I wished it could have been longer!


Time: 4 days

Distance: 410 km